Coriolanus Auditions
Coriolanus Auditions
June 5, 2017 @ 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Main Street Armory
900 E Main St
NY 14605
John Jaeger
Coriolanus Auditions @ Main Street Armory

The Rochester Community Players invites actors to audition for the Shakespeare Players’ production of William Shakespeare’s Coriolanus, running November 9 through 19, 2017 at MuCCC, the Multi-use Community Cultural Center.

Rehearsals begin immediately after Labor Day. Coriolanus will be directed by John Jaeger, whose recent productions include the critically acclaimed Merchant of Venice and King Lear.


Auditions will be held Monday and Tuesday, June 5 and 6 at 7–9pm at the Main Street Armory. (Enter through the yellow door on the Otis Lumber side.) Callbacks are not anticipated.

Actors may be asked to deliver a brief (20–40 lines) Shakespearean monologue and to cold read from the script.

Bring your list of conflicts (September–November), including commitments to Fringe.

If you have questions about the auditions, please email the director at


Set in the days of the early Roman Republic, Coriolanus tells the story of war hero Caius Martius, nicknamed Coriolanus, as he becomes embroiled in Roman politics and later turns against the state he once defended.


This production will be set in in the 21st century with a 24/7 news cycle. Rome is a world where the 1-percenters rule and the common people have taken to the streets. Political activism faces the powerful status quo. Foreign military campaigns stretch domestic resources thin. Does this sound familiar?


Cominius, current Consul: Male 40’s to 50’s
Coriolanus, previously Caius Marcius: Male late-30’s to early-50’s
Junius Brutus, tribune of the people: 30’s up
Menenius Agrippa, patrician: Male late 50’s up
Sicinius Velutus, tribune of the people: 30’s up
Titus Lartius, general against the Volscians: 30’s to 50’s
Tullus Aufidius, general of the Volscians: Male late 20’s to early 50’s
Virgilia, wife to Coriolanus: Female 30’s
*Volumnia, mother to Coriolanus: Female late 50’s up
Young Coriolanus, son to Coriolanus: 8 to 10 (needs to be preadolescent male)
2 Political Activists: gender and age neutral
Newscaster: gender and age neutral

*The role of Volumnia has been cast from the previous round of auditions.

This play also contains many unnamed but important speaking roles for Citizens, Senators, Political Pundits, and Soldiers, as well as action sequences for Soldiers. Most actors will be playing multiple roles. All actors will have speaking parts.


Please bring a headshot, resume or list of theatrical experience, and your rehearsal conflicts (September–November). Please be aware that the rehearsal period overlaps with the Fringe Festival!

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