Almost all repent in their election…

A prescient political tragedy set in the days of the early Roman Republic, Coriolanus tells the story of war hero Caius Martius—nicknamed Coriolanus—as he becomes embroiled in Roman politics and later turns against the state he once defended.

This production, directed by John Jaeger, will be set in in the 21st century with a 24/7 news cycle. Rome is a world where the 1-percenters rule and the common people have taken to the streets. Political activism faces the powerful status quo. Foreign military campaigns stretch domestic resources thin. Does this sound familiar?



Suzanne Bell Sicinius Velutus
Tom Bigongiari Caius Marcius
Brad Craddock Junius Brutus
John Gaering Comminius
Andrew Langton Titus Lartius
Midge Marshall Volumnia
Danny Mittermeyer Aufidius
Brent Murrill Menenius
Rachel Pazda 2nd Citizen
Marie Pellett Virgilia
Matthew Ralyea 1st Citizen
*Most of cast will also be doubling other roles
Uncast Roles

Young Martius  (negotiating)
Volscian Lieutenant
Ensemble actor to play several roles



November 10–18, 2017 at MuCCC (142 Atlantic Avenue, Rochester NY 14607).

Tickets will be available through the MuCCC box office.



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